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Mario Starks is a Creative Technologist in New York City with 8+ years of professional work experience leading web development projects for progressive media organizations and start-up ventures. He is founder and creator of Soul Sense Box—a personal care package and e-commerce platform that promotes mindfulness and creativity. Mario provides freelance web and marketing support and often consults directly with business owners. In addition, he facilitates personal alignment sessions and team building workshops for his peers; creative people with great ideas.

"In addition to being a highly skilled front end developer, Mario has a deep interest and aptitude in the business behind each project. He seeks to understand how the client measures success on the project. This leads him to both make much more strategic choices in his direct work and to offer a wealth of cross departmental suggestions and ideas that improve the success of the overall project. He's a valuable member of any team, development or not, and I expect great success in his future." Curtis M., (formerly) VP of Technology/Carousel30

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"I enjoy seeing my clients, friends, and family achieve success through their creative endeavors. If you're working with me, you can be assured that you will have a committed partner at your side to help execute your vision to completion, to help you foster the energy of accountability, and to provide you with straight-forward, constructive feedback." — Mario

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Mario approaches projects in a methodical and professional manner. He always thinks long-term, and finds ways on how to better develop the project in terms of audience growth and promotion. Mario is a multi-talented, hard working person, whose skills branch out beyond the usual coding.

Joyce Oloresisimo-Arpon Formerly, Tribune Company

Mario is an outstanding and knowledgeable pro always on the bleeding edge of the latest tools and technologies that contribute to quicker and higher quality production. He is always very easy to discuss different approaches to a solution as well as a very friendly and enouraging person to work with. I highly recommend Mario for any project.

John Pyle U.S. Census Bureau

Mario takes pride in his work. His passion for technology is added value for any company because he is proactive and eager to take on and solve any challenges. Mario is a businessman who truly respects his industry.

Charlotte Burley Television Producer

Mario has demonstrated his ability to design cutting-edge user-friendly websites through his creativity and programming ability. I really enjoyed bringing him on my team as it proved to be very valuable to our bottom-line.

Solomon Williams Lockheed Martin

Mario is an excellent worker that is detailed oriented and always goes above and beyond to get the job accomplished. I've known and worked with Mario for over 5 years and he exhibits excellent professionalism. Mario works effectively in a team environment and gets along well with everyone. I can always depend on Mario to perform with excellence and accomplish tasks on time and within budget. Mario is very creative and is a subject matter expert in many areas. Mario exhibits excellent customer service in ensuring that the customer expectations are met and/or exceeded. Mario has passion for the work that he does and has the experience and knowledge to ensure success.

Worrell Valentine Lockheed Martin

Ph: 646-630-5212